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Katy Savelyeva

My name is Katy Saveleva. I am ebru and water animation artist.

My native city is a quiet and calm town in Siberia, in geographical center of Russia. It’s an area with severe, but very pleasant climate. There are summers, when you can feel by yourself like in resort zone, and always sunshiny winters with sparkling snowbanks.

In this website I wanna inform you about my creative path, plans for the future and all the exciting news.
At the same time will be glad to new interesting acquaintances and creative suggestions.
I will be glad to see all the friends here who have interest to my way. I will try to realize new projects and the embodiment of ideas on the water.

Ebru / Water animation - it’s an amazing art! This is magical world of imagination and creativity.
From 2009 year this is my life. I never forget my first impression that I got on TV program with famous turkish master. It was just some seconds and it was enough for me to change my life, in spite of love of other art techniques. I want to keep and feel it again and again.
At that moment I could not think that it can really keep me for many following years…and find myself. 
Strong desire of learning this art led me to genuine ebru masters in Turkey and other countries. Every day I learn something new to discover new sides of this...

This art helps me to see ebru elements in our fabulous, beautiful, but very rapid life at the same time…, to have a sharp eye and to learn the mysterious world of the East.

It’s a science, where you professionally have to understand many details of the process, and like a way of disclosure yourself in harmony with the Universe.

To create masterpiece work you have to understand balance of many elements like in our real life: unnecessary fuss, problems and joyfulness of any moment, energy of dance, that I also love. Ebru is a dance, dance of bright colors, which is tunes in my soul, my inner world…

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